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Arise hospital is dedicated to providing the best medical services  and care for the well-being of our patients.

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Medical services

Arise hospital dwells on practicing holistic preventive and curative care which aims at preventing the appearance of diseases through  pharmaceuticals and such techniques as immunization, exercise, proper eating habits and other life style issues, and from palliative care, which concentrates on reducing the severity of symptoms, such as pain.


At Arise Hospital, our Pharmacists are experts on the vast array of pharmaceuticals, which makes them appropriate individuals to advise physicians on the best drugs for patient conditions. Known as clinical pharmacists, they professionals provide direct patient care. They may go on rounds with doctors, recommending the appropriate medications to give to patients, and they can even recognize untreated health conditions that might improve with medications. They counsel patients on how and when to take medications, and then assess patients’ health to ensure the prescribed medications are working optimally.

arise pharmacy

Maternity services

Our Hospital has established a new Maternity Department  which will serve women and children in the area. We are striving to make it one of the largest maternity services in the region. We recognize that pregnancy and birth are really important times for women and their families and we will support your individual birth choices with up-to-date facilities, information, and highly trained staff treating you with compassion and respect.