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Eastern Bypass by Kamakis Destiny area. 209 metres from New Quickmart and Three ring.

Using Hospital Telephone numbers
+254798 649971




i.General consultation.
ii. Specialized consultation by physician.
iii. Diabetes and High blood pressure clinic.
iv. Annual medical check up packages.
v. Weight management clinic.
vi. Child Welfare Clinic and immunization.
vii. Mothers health clinics.
viii.Antenatal and Postnatal clinics.
ix. Dispensing pharmacy open to the public.
x. Comprehensive laboratory services.
xi. Ultrasound services.
xii. Day care surgical services for minor operations.
xiii.Nutrition counselling for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
I.General ward ..inpatient
ii. Maternity

NHIF Accredited
Sanlam insurance
Kenbright insurance.

Normal delivery Kes 15,000 maternity packages.

Patients are isolated to prevent the spread of disease to other people in the medical environment. Isolated persons are typically either highly contagious or infected by a treatment-resistant organism. Isolated person may also be those who are immunosuppressed. Medical personnel visit isolated patients regularly and wear additional protection such as gowns and gloves.

Please bring the following items, as appropriate: medical insurance card, Medicare/Medicaid card, the insured’s name and Social Security Number, physician referrals (if required by your health plan), referral-order guidelines, Worker’s Compensation information, driver’s license or photo identification card